April 2, 2016

Welcome to The Rusty Cutlass TTT! If you're joining for the first time, please read the rules below.

If you have any questions regarding a rule or something else, contact an admin via @ chat.

Basic Info

    Tomahawk and Golden Deagle are donator weapons, not Traitor weapons.

    Jump and look at a ledge to grab on and hold shift and run at a wall to wall run.

    TheRustyCutlass.com - takes you to the forums. Sign up and write an introduction.

    !group to join the steam group and receive 1000 pointshop points.

    !freepoints to view information on free points.

    !motd to view the rules here.

    !donate - Donation Shop

    Server Commands

      F1 - Help and Settings

      F3 - Weapon Selection Menu

      F4 - Pointshop

      F6 - Rapsheet

      F8 - Damagelogs

      Server Rules

      1. General Rules:

        1. Obey staff instructions.

        2. Do not randomly kill or damage other players without any reason or proof.

        3. Do not propkill.

        4. No pornographic or racially sensitive sprays.

        5. Do not claim rooms.

        6. Do not AFK to farm points.

        7. No propsurfing

        8. Do not use exploits to exit the map. Stay within the areas that are intended.

      2. Proofs for Traitor:

        A player damages or kills another player without any reason.

        A player enters the traitor room.

        A player walks past or runs away from an unidentified body.

        A player attempts to dispose of a dead body.

        A player pulls out a weapon only accessible by traitors.

      3. Disallowed Proof for Traitor:

        Firing a weapon or throwing grenade away from players.

        Standing still.

        Being suspicous.

        Spelling roles backwards.

      4. Communication:

        Do not use your microphone to continuously spam repetitive or loud noises.

        You CANNOT intervene in an admin situation.Do not spam the chat with repetitive or long messages.

        Do not advertise other servers or communities.

        Do not bully or harass other players.

      5. Traitor:

        You may call KOS on other players if you have either attempted to kill them or created suspicious activity near them (activated a traitor trap etc...).

        Do not kill other traitors.

        Do not camp or stall the round.

        You may propkill.

      6. Detective:

        You can claim rooms.

        You can call live check or kos.

        You can kos anyone who refuses to be tested.

        If you know that you and two other innocents are the only ones alive, you can force the two innocents to battle it out.

        Only take blood using the transfusion kit on players who are suspicious.

        Only use the plasma net to stop traitorous acts.

        Do not justify RDM by defibrillating the player afterwards.

      7. Overtime:

        You can kos players on high suspicion.

        You can kill players that are AFK.

        Traitors will be slayed if camping/inactive.

      8. Extra Development Credits

        Seathed - Development

      Administrative Staff


      Chris Smith
      Seathed Assassin

      Head Admins


      Super Admins



      Pan Cop

      Trial Admins