April 2, 2016

Welcome to The Rusty Cutlass DarkRP! If you're joining for the first time, please read the rules below.

If you have any questions regarding a rule or something else, contact an admin via @ chat.

Server Addons

    • F1 - Commands

    • F4 - Role Menu

    Server Rules

    1. DIY's Golden Rules

      1. Don't ruin other people's fun.

      2. Don't attempt to crash the server.

      3. Don't hack/exploit.

    2. General Server Rules

      • Do not expect an admin to take any action for any situation without substantial evidence!

      • Do not disrespect/harass/threaten any players.

      • Do not spam chat, microphone, or radio commands! This includes using a voice changer. If more than one person asks you to stop playing music or anything or HLDJ or anything then stop.

      • Do not be a smart ass/troll. Zero-tolerance for trolling/smartasses.

      • English only.

      • Do not apply other server rules to this server!

      • Do not argue with an admin.

      • Do not advertise other gaming websites/servers.

      • Do not tell an admin how to do their job.

      • Do not impersonate an admin or any player.

      • Do not no collide your cars, it is an exploit.

      • Do not hack/exploit.

      • Do not spray nude/pornographic/disgusting/nasty sprays or anything similar deemed as inappropriate by an admin.

      • Do not evade ban, kick, mute, gag, or silence.

      • Do not mislead players with incorrect rules.

      • Do not encourage/antagonize rule breaking.

    3. Administrator Roof Rules

      • You CANNOT spam BugBait onto the admin roof.

      • You CANNOT intervene in an admin situation.

      • You CANNOT be on the admin roof unless you are in an admin sit.

      • Do NOT put things on the admin roof. (This includes guns, printers, sprays, paint, text screens and props.)

    4. Not/Allowed

      • You CANNOT spam: Paint, job votes, text-screens, camera flash, flashlight.

      • You CANNOT abuse your job. Do what your job was intended for. Using a job for it's resources and then changing is job abuse.

      • You CANNOT put signs on other peoples property unless you are on the door as an owner.

      • You CANNOT shoot at someone without a valid reason.

      • You CAN propblock your house while building, provided a building sign is present.

      • You CAN propblock multiple entrances to your base as long as you have one raidable entrance.

      • You CANNOT make a money printer bomb.

      • You CANNOT use RT camera inside anyone's base without the owners permission.

      • You CANNOT make a sign that is a message to/against another player or group. Use signs for your own job/property.

      • You CANNOT block other peoples sign with your own sign.

    5. Must

      • You must play by NLR (New Life Rule). After death/rejoining, wait until the NLR circle disappears before returning to point of death, unless it is your property.

      • You must roleplay, unless an event is active.

    6. Default Laws of the Land

      • Money printers/Drugs are illegal = AOS (Arrest On Sight).

      • Resisting arrest = KOS (Kill On Sight).

      • All two handed weapons are illegal AOS - You must have a gun Licence.

      • Murder/Raiding = KOS.

      • Wanted = AOS.

      • Disrespect to the police force = AOS.

    7. Assault, Shooting, and Killing Related Rules

      Not Allowed

      • You CANNOT RDM. (Random Death Match). You CANNOT kill people for stupid reasons or to stop other rule breakers.

      • You CANNOT stunstick people randomly if your job is equipped with a stunstick by default.

      • You CANNOT kill law enforcement unless they attempt to arrest you or shoot first.

      • You CANNOT punch whore anyone.

      • You CANNOT have wars. It is strictly against the rules.


      kill people who left

      • You CAN kill someone for trespassing only if you warn them with reasonable time (10 seconds) and have a KOS sign present.

      • If they come in your property with criminal intent, but leave. You are permitted to exact revenge.

      • You CAN shoot to injure someone only if you have a realistic reasonable cause to.

      • You CAN shoot, or attempt to kill someone that is attempting to raid your base.

      • You CAN punch someone to death only if they punched you first or did any damage to you by any means (shooting, melee, stunstick).

      • You CAN have signs that state: "Entry/Keypad Cracking/Lockpicking/Loitering/Bug Baiting/Spam Knocking/Spamming Door Open/Close = death".

      • You CANNOT kill anyone that agrees in chat to you killing them or having a firefight. This is DarkRP, not a Deathmatch server.

    8. Tool Related Rules

      • You CANNOT USE E2.

      • You CANNOT use tools to affect the server in any way.

      • Cameras SHOULD be appropriately placed.

      • You CANNOT make anything invisible, if this is done your prop may be automatically deleted.

    9. Prop Related Rules

      Not Allowed

      • You CANNOT spawn/bring props in other peoples homes/property.

      • You CANNOT spam props.

      • You Cannot prop block anything/anywhere. (Excluding windows)

      • You CANNOT prop kill in any way.

      • You CANNOT prop push.

      • You CANNOT prop climb/surf.(Excluding ramps/stairs)

      • You CANNOT build in areas that obstruct the public (including spawn).

      • You CANNOT mess with players creations/props.

      • You CANNOT build inappropriate structures with props.


      • You CAN build on isolated roofs not normally accessible.

      • You CAN build around your door(s) if it's not obstructing public walkways.

    10. Door/Property Related Rules


      • You CANNOT own doors within a property if someone else owns a door in the building.

      • You CANNOT buy every door in a large building unless you're the hotel manager or are using every room behind the doors you own.

      • You CANNOT have more than two keypads connected to the same one door; one on each side.

      • You CANNOT use your fading key on your keyboards to open fadingdoors; use the keypad.

      • You CANNOT have multiple fading doors stacked next to each other unless a player can fit between both while they are closed.

      • You CANNOT have more than 3 fading doors in a row.

      • You CANNOT claim public property unless you're a hobo and the property you claim does not obstruct public.

      • You CANNOT own any map doors as a hobo.

      • You CANNOT build an unequal base so you can shoot out but nobody can shoot back at you.

      • You CANNOT build in unowned properties.

      • You CANNOT build in spots you can not raid.

      • You CAN use crouching props provided you don't abuse the head glitch and shoot them.


      You must have keypads connected to fading doors and within reasonable distance and visible from the door.

      You must have all doors/fading doors able to be keypad cracked and/or lockpicked.

      You must have all fading doors with autoclosed on reasonable autoclose time.(3 seconds at least)

    11. General Base Rules
      • Your base must be raidable at all times, unless you have a building sign present.
      • If you have a bulding sign, you may not have any entities (printers, drugs, guns, etc).
      • When a base has a building sign up, the base may not be raided.

    12. Floating bases Rules

      You may create floating bases (i.e. bases that aren't in a building or on the ground) on the following conditions:

      • It is connected to the side of at least one map building/wall.
      • It has a ladder, ramp, or other means to get up to it. Parkour is not considered vlaid means.
      • It is raidable, like any other base.
      • It does not obscure the flow of/into public walkways or public buildings - it can touch the walkways, just do not to obstruct them.
      • It is realistic. I.e. needs supports

      We advise against building a floating base as it can be difficult for staff to work out any sort of ownership due to the lack of doors, and if it's on the roof of another building there can be complaints of props going through the ceiling/blocking windows/etc.

    13. Class Specific Rules


      You DO have a gun license by default.

      Remember: When a player is jailed, you cannot kill them as it is still considered RDM and you will be dealt with appropriately.

      1. You CAN have your gun out in public.
      2. You CAN use capital punishment (killing) for all prisoners only by forcing off a building or drugging.
      3. You CAN shoot to kill anyone that pulls a gun.
      4. You CANNOT open fire on anyone in PD unless a robbery is active (they are alerted by the bank mod) or unless you have a K.O.S sign.
      5. You CANNOT keypad crack/battering ram without a valid warrant as law enforcement.
      6. You CANNOT return to the PD if you were killed inside during a robbery.
      7. You CANNOT be a corrupt cop.
      8. The very first room of the PD is public and should never be locked. KOS signs are active after that room.
      9. You CAN build in the PD.
      10. The PD needs to remain raidable at all times. No building signs.
      11. You may setup a roadblock in the front of the PD, as long as its for a valid reason. E.g. Escaped convict, wanted criminal, lockdown, weapon check station.
      12. You must advertise raid when warranting and breaking into someone's base.


      You DO have a gun license by default.

      1. You CANNOT have your gun OR stunstick out in public.
      2. You CANNOT make unrealistic laws such as "Rdm tall people on sight".
      3. You CANNOT make laws which are beneficial specifically to you and/or your friends. It must be related to the greater good of the town.

      Gun Dealer/Doctor

      1. You MUST have a shop that is advertising the sale of your item(s) and you must use it to sell your merchandise to other players - if you are the only gun dealer on the server.
      2. You can be a private dealer IF there is another dealer open to the public.
      3. You CANNOT self supply or job abuse to grant yourself OR friends items. You may sell goods to your friends provided they pay for them.
      4. You MUST have realistic and reasonable prices for every item being sold.
      5. You CANNOT buy equpment for yourself, then switch jobs.

      Thief/Pro Thief

      1. You MUST advert a robbery if you are going to rob someone.
      2. You CAN kill if a player does not give the money you asked for.
      3. The max amount you can mug people for is $10,000.
      4. You MUST advert RAID before breaking into someone's home.
      5. You MUST advert CarJack before breaking into someone's car.
      6. You MUST advert Mug before mugging someone. You can be anywhere on the map, provided it's not in an admin sit, or spawn.
      7. You CANNOT raid the same place within 10 minutes of raiding it previously.
      8. You CANNOT counter raid unless it is your property being raided, or someone whose a part of your group.
      9. You CAN return to a raid if you've died, provided your NLR is over and one member of your raid party is still alive.


      1. You CANNOT ask for hits on a specific individual.
      2. You CANNOT commit/accept free hits.
      3. You CAN be arrested attempting hits because murder is illegal.
      4. You CANNOT justify mass RDM as "being in the way" whilst completing your hit.
      5. You MUST have a reason for the hit. Ask the requesting player before accepting.
      6. You CANNOT give another hitman a hit.


      1. You CANNOT build advanced bases.
      2. You CANNOT build with steel. You are a Hobo, build with wood.
      3. You CANNOT build in the middle of the street. Build on the footpath.
      4. You CANNOT create elevators/advanced things.
      5. You CANNOT build huge bases.
      6. You CANNOT spam BugBait.
      7. You CANNOT own a gun.
      8. You CANNOT own map doors.


      1. Murder has to take place in a secluded location (a back alley or a dark tunnel).
      2. You MUST advert Murder if you are about to murder someone.
      3. You CAN accept bounties from other players as long as you advertise Hit Accepted. Then after it's complete, advert Hit Complete.
      4. You cannot murder someone when there are lots of witnesses. I.e. 2-3 Witnesses tops.
      5. You must murder with melee type weapons such as the machete and harpoon you're provided with, don't use guns even if you have them.
      6. Yout CAN be recruited by gangs, 'to do their dirty work', provided you are paid for your work - this doesn't make you part of their crew, and thus aren't involved in their raids.
      7. You CANNOT raid or counter raids.
      8. You CANNOT mug or counter mug.
      9. You CAN kidnap players and torture/sell them.


      1. You can only commit acts of terror every ten minuites.
      2. You may act on behlaf of gangs, provided you're paid.
      3. You may target specific groups of players.
      4. You may target public areas, such as the PD.
      5. You CANNOT target spawn, or the area just outside of the protection zone.
      6. This job does not permit you to RDM other players 'in the name of terror'.
      7. In your acts of terror, you are allowed to use any weapon.
      8. You must advert "Terror" before any terrorist acts.
      9. It is similar to a raid, where the cops have to AOS/KOS you, and your act of terror isn't over until all of you die. You may rejoin the terror after your NLR expires, provided at least one of you is still alive.

    14. Extra Development Credits

      Lozengen - Main Development

      Diysuperguy33 - Support Development

      Zayn - Support Development

    Administrative Staff


    Chris Smith
    Seathed Assassin

    Head Admins


    Super Admins




    Trial Admins

    Jason The Penguin
    Sneky Penguen